An organism which eats other organisms to get their food. A primary consumer is the first consumer in the chain, followed by the secondary consumer, tertiary consumer etc….

Secondary Consumer

a consumer that gets its energy from other consumers. These are often called carnivores….

primary consumer

an organism that gets its energy from producers (plants). These are often called herbivores….

List of Biology Words Starting with S

S S-9 mix s-electron saccade saccule salicylates salinity Salmonella salt sample sampling distribution sampling error Sanger sequencing Sanger’s sequencing saprophyte sarcoma sarcomere satellite satellite chromosome satellite DNA Satellite RNA saturated solution saturation mutagenesis savanna scaffold scaffold attachment region Scaffold protein scale scanning hypothesis scavenger Schiff bases science scienti…

List of Biology Words Starting with P

P P element P1 P1-derived artificial chromosome P1-derived artificial chromosome (PAC) P53 PAC pachynema Paleontology palindrome Palindromic sequence pAMP Pan balance Panel testing panmictic papilla papillate paracentric inversion paralogous genes paramecin parameters parapatric speciation Parasegment border parasexual cycle parasite Parasitism Parasitology parasympathetic nervous system paratope parent generation p…

List of Biology Words Starting with C

C C-reactive protein c-src C3 plant C4 photosynthesis cachexia CAD calcified calcitonin Calcium calcium ions calcium phosphate calibrate calibration callus calorie calorimeter calyx cAMP campaniform sensilla canalized character cancellous bone cancer cancer-family syndrome Cannabinoids canopy cap capacitation capillary Capillary array capillary gel electrophoresis capillary zone electrophoresis CAPS capsid capso…