An organism which eats other organisms to get their food. A primary consumer is the first consumer in the chain, followed by the secondary consumer, tertiary consumer etc….

Secondary Consumer

a consumer that gets its energy from other consumers. These are often called carnivores….

primary consumer

an organism that gets its energy from producers (plants). These are often called herbivores….

List of Biology Words Starting with S

…g hypothesis scavenger Schiff bases science scientific method scion scoria Scrapie screening technique SDS second division segregation second law of thermodynamics Second Messenger second-site mutation Secondary Consumer secondary oocyte secondary sexual character secondary spermatocyte secondary structure Secreted peptide factor sector sedimentation Segment polarity genes segmentation segregating population segregation…

List of Biology Words Starting with P

…ometric titration pre- pre-mRNA pre-symptomatic pre-synaptic terminal precipitate precision precocious predation predator preemptor stem preformationism Premarket Approval prey Pribnow box Primary cell primary consumer primary oocyte primary spermatocyte primary structure primary transcript primase primer primitive folds primitive streak primosome prion prion rods pro-inflammatory cytokines probability probability th…

List of Biology Words Starting with C

…conjugate redox pair conjugation consanguineous consensus sequence conservative replication conserved sequence constant region constitutive constitutive heterochromatin constitutive mutation Constitutive promoter consumer Contig Contig map Contiguous (contig) map Contiguous gene syndrome continuous replication continuous variation contra- contractile ring control controlling element convergence convergent evolution conve…