An f-factor cosmid, which is like a plasmid (circular DNA), but it is capable of containing much larger pieces of DNA, up to 50 kb compared to about 10 kb in a plasmid. Unlike plasmids, E.Coli can only ever consume (and therefore replicate) one fosmid, which yields a much lower copy number when cloning. Fosmids can therefore hold larger pieces of DNA than plasmids, but fewer of them….

List of Biology Words Starting with F

F protein F’(prime) factor F+(plus) cell F-(minus) cell F-actin F-box f-pili F1 generation F2 generation facilitation factorial facultative heterochromatin Fahrenheit false-negative false-positive familial trait family selection Fanconi’s anemia FASTA format Fasting Glucose Test fate map fatigue fatty acid feasibility study fecundity selection feedback inhibition feeder cells culture femur Fenton reaction…