An f-factor cosmid, which is like a plasmid (circular DNA), but it is capable of containing much larger pieces of DNA, up to 50 kb compared to about 10 kb in a plasmid. Unlike plasmids, E.Coli can only ever consume (and therefore replicate) one fosmid, which yields a much lower copy number when cloning. Fosmids can therefore hold larger pieces of DNA than plasmids, but fewer of them….

List of Biology Words Starting with F

…es Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food chain food web footprinting Forbes disease force forebrain Forensics formaldehyde formula unit formula weight formylmethionine (fmet) forward genetics forward mutation fosmid founder cells founder effect Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry Fourier transform mass spectrometry fovea fragile site fragile-X syndrome fragmentation frameshift frameshift mutation…