composite transposon

A transposon constructed of two IS (insertion sequence) elements flanking a control region that frequently contains host genes….


A mobile piece of DNA that is flanked by terminal repeat sequences and typically bears genes coding for transposition functions. See transposable genetic element….

List of Biology Words Starting with C

C C-reactive protein c-src C3 plant C4 photosynthesis cachexia CAD calcified calcitonin Calcium calcium ions calcium phosphate calibrate calibration callus calorie calorimeter calyx cAMP campaniform sensilla canalized character cancellous bone cancer cancer-family syndrome Cannabinoids canopy cap capacitation capillary Capillary array capillary gel electrophoresis capillary zone electrophoresis CAPS capsid capso…

List of Biology Words Starting with T

T T Cell Lymphoma T Lymphocyte T Test T-cell receptor t-DNA T3 T4 TA Cloning Tachycardia TACTAAC box Tamofen Tamoxifen tandem duplication Tandem MS Tandem repeat sequences tannin Taq polymerase tare target theory targeted gene knockout targeted mutagenesis TATA box tautomeric shift Taxol taxonomy Tay-Sach’s disease TC TD technician teleological telephase teletherapy telocentric chromosome telolecithal tel…

transposable genetic element

A general term for any genetic unit that can insert into a chromosome, exit, and relocate; includes insertion sequences, transposons, some bacteriophages, and controlling element. A region of the genome, flanked by inverted repeats, a copy of which can be inserted at another place; also called a transposon or a jumping gene….

inverted repeat (IR) sequence

A sequence found in identical (but inverted) form, for example, at the opposite ends of a transposon. A nucleotide sequence found at two sites on the same double helix but in opposite orientation….

enhancer trap

A transgenic construction inserted in a chromosome which is used to identify tissue-specific enhancers in the genome. In such a construct, a promoter sensitive to enhancer regulation is fused to a reporter gene, such that expression patterns of the reporter gene identify the spatial regulation conferred by nearby enhancers. “In contrast to the rational “one gene at a time” approaches, enhancer-trapping methods evolved to probe…


A class of genetic elements that includes retroviruses and transposons that have an intermediate RNA stage. A transposon that was created by reverse transcription of an RNA molecule….